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Mines ParisTech

Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris, founded in 1783, is one of the oldest French higher education institutions in engineering. The aim is for academic excellence with 286 research professors, 100 theses and 400 articles or books in key research fields published every year. With 15 research centres extending over five different fields, MINES ParisTech is the leading school in France for its volume of contractual research.

Transvalor Innovation

From 2009, TRANSVALOR SA decided to strengthen the development of new activities originating from the research centres by setting up an Innovation Department responsible for the maturation of new projects. Standing out amongst these at the joint Mines ParisTech/Armines centres are: Industrialisation of the SODA web services portal and the HELIOCLIM solar radiation database, CHESS and HYTECH software developed at the Centre for Geosciences and the Commercialisation of MORPH-M image analysis software at the Centre for Mathematical Morphology.


The CEMEF, laboratory of Ecole des Mines de Paris, located in Sophia Antipolis, is highly involved in research at the national and international level. In particular the CFL research team (Computing & FLuids) is well recognized in developing finite element codes for computational mechanics with anisotropic mesh adaptation and parallel computing dedicated to many industrial partners. CimLib is a C++ fully parallel finite element library involving the use of SPMD (Single Program, Multiple Data) modules and the MPI (Message Passing Interface) library standard. All the steps are parallelized including the assembly of algebraic problems through PETSc as well as the partitioner and the meshing.


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Mines ParisTech

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