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Cutting Edge Meshing Process

Anisotropic Mesh

Mesh elements are stretched along a direction to better fit the fields of interest such as the flow, the objects surface in the domain, the temperature. For complex geometries an anisotropic factor of 10 000 has already been reached.

Adaptive Mesh

Anisotropic mesh follows the evolution of the fields of interest during the simulation. It means it is constantly adapted to the solution, it can capture a moving object, a change in the flow intensity/direction. This feature is a step towards DNS simulations.

Iterative Procedure

The mesh is adapted iteratively to capture the smallest details of the objects. A constraint can be added to limit the number of elements and so the computation cost or on the contrary to perfectly capture all phenomena.

Monolithic Solvers

All solvers are robust to provide a solution even when the mesh is highly stretched.

Monolithic solvers

All solvers are monolithic which means the Navier-Stokes equations are solved for the whole domain and objects simultaneously. The real physical properties are imposed in an object, high density and high viscosity for example, penalizing the flow in consequence.

Multiple solvers available

Multiple solvers are available k-epsilon for averaged flows in a structure (pipe, turbine etc), Spalart Allmaras for averaged flows around a structure (aircraft, subsea engineering) and Variational MultiScale solver (VMS) for turbulent flows.
VMS solver coupled with anisotropic mesh is the closest solution to Direct Navier-Stokes (DNS) simulations currently.

Tailor-Made Applications

The most amazing benefits of using Aeromines is the custom design of your own application!

Determine Your Needs

You want to fully understand a process in different conditions, to study the drag and lift of your aircraft or to optimize the design of a prototype? Contact us to determine your requirements together.


We will setup and quality check your application offline before making it available to your secure cloud session. You will then be able to run your application from everywhere, to modify the critical parameters and to visualize the results in real-time!


No need to purchase for a dedicated cluster, yearly license or qualified personal anymore. Pay only for what you really need to simulate!

Close Relationship with Research

If your needs are way ahead of their time, Aeromines will be the link between you and the latest research; broadcasting the innovation through a secure cloud platform.

Top-Notch Research

We are directly connected to a research lab of one of the most prestigious French engineer school. This way we can integrate their disruptive development in the shortest possible time.

Disruptive Skills

We provide our customers the best experience in the following domains:

  • Fluid dynamics
  • Meshing and Re-meshing process
  • Thermodynamics
  • Rheology


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