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Albadrone from Tyrix Aerospace.

Tyrix Aerospace 2014- • Aerodynamics


Tyrix Aerospace is a civil and dual drone systems’ manufacturer. Its approach is decidedly mission oriented. Its strategy hence lies on the development of drones open to the realization of as many missions as possible. This can be achieved if the proposed architecture allows easily the evolution for each of the integrated technologies. Therefore, Tyrix Aerospace associates partners to its development who themselves carry exceptional know-how in both the technological and the application domains. As a result, it’s drones are therefore at the forefront of these domains. This goal is partly achieved thanks to the buckled wing technology allowing the aircraft a wide speed range while keeping its maneuverability.

This work enabled an increase of the knowledge related to buckled wing aircrafts and a better understanding of the phenomenon induced by the wings interaction. Indeed, using numerical simulations, in particular the immersed volume method coupled with a fluid-structure interaction solver developed by the CFL research group at Mines ParisTech - CEMEF, we were able, as a first step, to analyze precisely the predefined UAV 3 dimensional shape (Albadrone). The drone was immersed into a wind channel, represented by a levelset function and captured precisely by anisotropic mesh adaptation. The velocity and the pressure were computed by solving the Navier-Stokes equation using a Variational MutliScale finite element method. Once the simulation of such turbulent flow past the drone was set up, we extended it and set the focus on the implementation of an optimization code enabling global improvement of flight performance of a buckled wing UAV.


ALBADRONE is a real concentrate of cutting-edge technologies. All equipments are adaptable and may evolve to the operational needs & constraints of the mission considered. Safety is one of the main focus, from the conception point of each on-board equipment.

Empty Structure Weight $90 kg$
Payload available $60 kg$
Speed Range $50$ to $250 km/h$
Endurance $10 h$

Simulation Results


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